Sea Turtle Nest Survey Training Workshop Registration

Need to confirm your attendance at a recent training workshop?

The FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute's Marine Turtle Program invites principal permit holders and their volunteers to attend any of several workshops hosted by the Statewide Nesting Beach Survey (SNBS) and Index Nesting Beach Survey (INBS) programs. The workshops are an opportunity to introduce and review standards for surveying Florida beaches for sea turtle nesting activity. The workshops will cover survey methodology, species identification, crawl identification, and data reporting requirements.

As we have done for the past several years, the 2023 training workshops will be conducted virtually via webinar using the Microsoft Teams Meeting platform. At some point during the webinar, you will be given a "word of the day" 10 minutes from the end of the webinar which you will need to return to this registration site and enter. This will count as documentation that you attended the training webinar.

Click on the following links to obtain the training materials and a copy of the Marine Turtle Conservation Handbook:

Training Materials

Marine Turtle Conservation Handbook

Principal permit holders are reminded that this annual training is a requirement of your permit. In addition, your volunteers should attend at least once every two years. The workshops are an important opportunity to learn and refresh your knowledge of survey methodology and to exchange information with other permit holders.

Note: Workshop attendance does not permit you to conduct sea turtle nest surveys. You must have a permit issued by the State of Florida or be listed on a permit as a volunteer. In order to register for the workshops, you will need to know the name of the permit holder you are going to work with. Registration is the responsibility of individual participants and should not be done by the permit holder. Participants must individually acknowledge that they agree to review the training materials and the newly revised FWC Marine Turtle Conservation Handbook. If you need assistance, please email Beth Mongiovi (Brost) at

We look forward to seeing you at the workshops.

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